Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fantasy Basketball League

My friend Kevin organized a Fantasy Basketball League, so I thought I'd join in. The draft was yesterday (players are "drafted" automatically, depending on how each owner ranked them). Here's my team:
  • Steve Nash (Phoenix)
  • Chris Paul (New Orleans/OKC)
  • Dwight Howard (Orlando)
  • Lamar Odom (L.A. Lakers)
  • Samuel Dalembert (Philadelphia)
  • Charlie Villanueva (Milwaukee)
  • Kevin Martin (Sacramento)
  • Andres Nocioni (Chicago)
  • Jason Terry (Dallas)
  • Caron Butler (Washington)
  • Randy Foye (Minnesota)
  • Antonio Daniels (Washington)
  • Channing Frye (New York Knicks)

Plenty of scorers, not a ton of rebounds/blocked shots. Oh well, the NBA starts for real next week, we'll see how it goes!!

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